Building lead paint removal in Burnaby and the surrounding areas is completely qualified by Ace Environmental Services Ltd. We are qualified to work in both residential and commercial structures, and we can also approve demolition jobs. Older structures frequently use lead-based paint as a building material.

Lead should be screened in every structure constructed before 1978. Lead should be removed as soon as possible if it is discovered in your home or structure.Avoid exposing your loved ones to lead by taking care of them. Children's health could be harmed by exposure to it. Given that children's brains are still developing, it appears to be more detrimental to them.

Our Vancouver lead removal service also  includes:

Enclosure: A wall covering hides the lead paint. This is our go-to technique for walls. ReplacementWe replace any household products or components that contain lead with new ones. Examples include doors, cabinets, and faucets. Complete removal of lead paint while keeping the lead-contaminated dust that is released into the air under control. We take special care to prevent exposure during lead cleanup by donning protective gear and excluding all members of the household. Encapsulation: Covering the damaged area with a particular material to seal it.

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